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Educational & College Guidance Services in Moorestown, NJ

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Lay a solid foundation for learning success with educational and college guidance services from our consultants in Moorestown, New Jersey. At Bonita Blazer, Ph.D. & Associates, we show you how to use your strengths to take you to the next level in your educational pursuits.

School/College Guidance & Admissions

Our goal is to build a team effort to support student growth through exploring options and developing a personalized plan, which coordinates with school and integrates appropriate support services as needed. You will have a clearer idea of how to turn your educational dreams into reality with guidance services that include:

• Personalized Education Plan Design & Implementation
• Placement for Private & Boarding School
• Individualized Mentoring
• Selective Professional Referral Network
• Monitoring & Coordinating of School Programs & Support Services
• Advocacy - Representing a Student's Needs & Rights First to the Family &
  Then School, Including Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, & Child Study Teams

Educational Testing & Supportive Tutoring

Improve your learning skills with educational testing and supportive tutoring from Bonita Blazer, Ph.D. & Associates in Moorestown, New Jersey. Because we know that no two students are the same, we take a personalized approach to promoting educational excellence. Call us at (856) 234-1270 to receive one-on-one attention.

Comprehensive Testing & Evaluation

Knowing where you stand compared to other students is often vital to educational performance. We conduct comprehensive testing and evaluations to diagnose problems, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide a roadmap for supportive intervention. Available options include:

• Achievement & Basic Skills
• Ability/IQ/Achievement Levels
• Readiness Testing for Kindergarten & First Grade
• Giftedness Assessment
• Learning, Speech, and Language Disabilities
• Dyslexia Testing & Support
• Sensory Integration
• Attention & Concentration Skills
• Organization & Time Management
• Study & Test Taking Skills
• Social & Emotional Skills


Tutoring Support

Receive that extra attention you need to learn a subject with supportive tutoring from Bonita Blazer, Ph.D. & Associates. We specialize in helping students improve their reading, writing, math, and study skills, so sign up now for:

• One-on-One Supportive Tutoring
• PSAT & SAT Training & Coaching
• Student Training in Self-Advocacy
• Student Training in Behavior Management
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